Alice Neel – (1900-1984) American, was born in Meridan Square, Pennsylvania. Ms. Neel spent more then three-quarters of a century painting the dualities of life - the apparent and the subconscious, the beautiful and the grotesque, the haves and the have nots. She was a graduate of the Philadelphia School of Design for Women (now Moore College). An artist of the WPA, her work languished in relative obscurity for more than 40 years. Finally, in the 1960's, the critical acclaim that should have been accorded to her decades earlier arrived in overwhelming proportions. Ms. Neel became the first living American artist to be awarded a major retrospective exhibition in Russia, while in the United States she was commissioned to paint a portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt celebrating the centennial of his birth, which appeared on the cover of Time Magazine. Ms. Neel's works are collected by several major museums, including the Museum of Modern Art and the Hirshhorn Museum. In 2001, a retrospective exhibition was mounted by the Whitney Museum in New York.