Daniel Graves – (b. 1949) American, graduated from the Maryland Art Institute in 1972 where he studied with Joseph Shepard and Frank Russell. He continued his education at the Villa Schifanoia Graduate School of Fine Art with Richard Serrin, and then with Richard Lack in Minneapolis. That led to a teaching position at the Atelier Lack School of Fine Art. In the late 1970’s Graves worked with Nerina Simi, who maintained a classical 19th Century studio in Florence. In 1984, along with Charles Cecil, he founded the atelier Studio Cecil-Graves. Seven years later, Daniel Graves went on to found the Florence Academy of Art which is dedicated to training artists in the humanist tradition. In addition to his one-man shows, Graves along with the Academy’s roster of realist painters have had their work exhibited in many prestigious venues both in Europe and the United States.